those slivy black clad anarchists!

From Seam & Story

I recently decided to design a few pieces for an anarchist fashion show coming up in Boston in April (it’s a fundraiser for the Anarchist Black Cross). A perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions (textile craft and anarchism), I went to the metaphorical drawing-board at once! I looked up anarchist symbolism, read about why anarchists wear black and even trolled Etsy for anarchism related products. In the course of this, I turned up some pretty interesting information.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be blogging a little bit about anarcho symbolism and fashion. Before you get your (black, utility-pocket clad) knickers in a knot, remember that anarchists have long had an interest in wearing their ideals. From the Paris Commune to punk shows, anarchists have chosen specific colors and symbols to represent themselves to the capitalist, statist world around them.

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