Seattle: Two Stories About The Central District Juvi

From Tides of Flame (pdf)

We firmly believe that the well-being of our children and families requires this action.
– King County Superior Court Presiding Judge Richard McDermott

King County representatives have a great new plan to fix the decrepit, foul-smelling Youth Services Center*: bulldoze it, rebuild it with new and improved “urban design,” and add some condos. Problem solved!

To pay for this, County leaders are currently working to get a $200 million property tax levy on the primary August ballot. If it passes, home-owners will be expected to pay 7 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, or about $20 per year for a home assessed at $350,000, for 9 years.

According to The Seattle Times, this is how they intend to spend that heaping pile of cash: “The county would move some buildings back from their current locations near street fronts and concentrate them closer to the center of the campus. County officials would then sell to developers nearly 3 acres at three corners of the property. The idea is that developers would pay about $16 million for the land, which would help to offset construction costs and enliven the area with retail and residential projects.”

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