Reflections on Class Struggle at the Port – 2011 – 2012

The upfront and in your face Class War that began in Wisconsin gave impetus to the Bourgeois on a national and international level to begin, continue and extend Economic and Social Austerity Measures. While economic austerity measures are direct means to alleviating the crisis of political economy and the most well-known forms of austerity, let us explain firstly what we mean by “social austerity”. In an effort to reverse the fall of the rate of profit, the ruling class undercuts workers’ rights to organize for better wages as to facilitate the overproduction of commodities with relatively little to no loss in the profits of the Capitalist. Parallel to this the ruling class can expect dissent and ferment amongst workers. So taxes are alleviated to the working class to facilitate an expansion of the Police State which in turn suppresses them. The Tottenham, L.A. and Seattle Riots/Actions against the heightening of the Police State following Wisconsin and the Arab Spring in the face of worsening economic conditions is a sure sign that this a material reality of the world we live in and that there is a medium of struggling against the state in these measures that is class based and not activist based.

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