3 Great Reasons You Should Check Out ‘The Hunger Games’

The Hunger Games, the hottest young adult book on the market, set to become a blockbuster film this weekend, is a dark dystopian tale that explores poverty, gender, totalitarianism and oppression. Both sides of the ideological spectrum will claim, and have begun to declare, that its somewhat simplistic (and breathlessly engrossing) anti-authoritarian energy matches their agendas.

But really, this story’s essence is one progressives in particular should take to heart: a powerful condemnation of violence, poverty and exploitation of the weak by the powerful. Most crucially, the story’s visceral feeling of rage and distrust is a perfect counterpart to the Occupy spring.

More @ alternet.org/story/154625/3_great_reasons_you_should_check_out_%27the_hunger_games%27/


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